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 Gold Fever is alive and well!

The story of gold is as rich and complex as the metal itself.

Wars have been fought for it; love has been declared with it. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics portray gold as the brilliance of the sun; modern astronomers use mirrors coated with gold to capture images of the heavens.

By 325 BC the Greeks had mined for gold from Gibraltar to Asia Minor. In 1848 AD John Marshall found flakes of gold whilst building a sawmill near Sacramento and so triggered the gold rush in California.

Held securely in national vaults as a reserve asset, gold has an irrefutable logic; released from the tombs of pharaohs and emperors alike, gold has an undeniable magic.

Here at "Gold Pan Fever", we will share information and encourage all of you to share with us your own personal experiences, knowledge, tips, pictures, etc. We will post the information you send us, so others can enjoy!

"Gold Pan Fever" will explore different types of equipment and tools used in the recovery of gold, as well as where one might go to purchase this equipment!

"Gold Pan Fever" will provide you with many different locations where gold has been discovered , and possibly where to find gold today!

"Gold Pan Fever" will be posting the latest news relating to gold, as well as trade shows, dates, times, and locations!




The largest gold nugget currently in existance is the Hand of Faith on display at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Found in 1980 by a man named Kevin Hillier with a metal detector outside his trailer near near Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia. Not sure what model of detector he was using, but the story goes he got a signal, but thought his detector was acting up, so almost didn't dig! Probably pretty happy he did when pulled out the 876 troy ounce (27.2 kilograms, 61 pounds 11 ounces) Hand of Faith at about 6 inches deep. He later sold to the Golden Nugget Casino for a cool million dollars.

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largest gold nugget on display at the golden nugget casino in las vegas